The Therapist

By request of the producer of Chet's new reality show, "Inside Chet's Place" (currently in production limbo), Chet speaks with a therapist about his many issues, including fear of germs, fear of going outdoors, and fear of people covered in germs who also might be outdoors. This is their first session together.


Inside Chet's Place - promo spot 1

A rough cut of the promotional spot for a new reality show based on the life of Chet, star of the Chet's Place channel on www.justin.tv. Due to a lack of funding and any interest whatsoever from distributors or, well, anyone else for that matter, this production may never actually become a reality. But since we're calling it a "reality show" that sort of helps us feel like we have already accomplished something.

Check your local listings for updates and don't forget to watch Chet's Place every Tuesday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Justin.tv


Winter Is Coming

Chet points out a sure sign that winter is just around the corner.


Toast Of Thanks

Chet offers a special thank you toast to all those who supported him during his underfunded and nearly nonexistent election campaign of 2008.


The Testimonial

Wozly's unscripted testimonial for Hot Pockets.