Largo al Factotum

Chet gives pre-recorded opera a try.


Anonymous said...

Great lip sync. Also, loved the ending, hehe.

Oh yeah, you should totally check out this Tex Avery cartoon.

Paul said...

Hey Kelvin, thanks! And oh yes, that Tex Avery piece is a classic.

It is so unfortunate that most kids and teenagers today have no idea that well designed, expertly conceived, full animation cartoons like these is how cartoons are SUPPOSED to be.

If you haven't seen it, check out John K's blog (he's a huge proponent of trying to get real cartoony stuff back into the mainstream... also creator of Ren and Stimpy).

jenji said...

Okay, I have finally figured out who Wozly reminds me of:


It's the incessant disruption and the crazy eyes.

Yes, Josh. Please tell me that Wozly will keep his junk to himself though.

loved the ending.

...and if I were a puppeteer I would probably give you technical comments like:
great puppet movements
fantastic gestures
how the hell did you get chet's arm to plug that socket in so securely?

...but I'm not a puppeteer, so I won't.

However, I am a filmmaker so I can say: fantastic lighting and overlap between the two, b/c this ain't no studio job, ummkay, but it sure looks professional enough to be one.


Paul said...

Hehe... Josh, eh? That's funny. I'm pretty sure that Wozly will keep his bits in the bag, even for the sake of flannel-covered art.

Thanks so much for the other stuff, and, since you sort of asked---Chet plugging in the cord was a bit of old school optical slight of hand (pardon the pun) where the real hand (sorry) holding the plug was masked by Chet's fuzzy green mitts. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I read this blog regularly. In fact, that's how I've seen that cartoon short in the first place! Old cartoons are so awesome. I wish the new cartoons can be like that instead of being so stiff.

Anonymous said...

You are witty Chet. I love the vid! =)