jenji said...

The Factory, Warhol and Flannel Conrad would have loved that right there!

nice job!


Paul said...

Thanks, Jenji!

I'll be calling on your assistance for the Factory-inspired follow-up to this, entitled "Halibut"


Anonymous said...


1). The background was great for this & the sketch used the background in a very innovative way.

2). Nice use of black & white to mimic the "Obsession" line of perfume commercials.

3). The timing of the skit was appropriate, building up to the eventual payoff.

4). Loved the mouth close-up.


1). Honestly, you need to graduate to longer & more complex sketches. I think that you're doing yourself a disservice by not adding more puppets & a longer running time so that you can create more payoffs & more complex payoffs.

About the only thing that I can think of that you could still do with these types of sketches is to add more cues (visual & otherwise) & more complex cues to them. Artistically, I'm not certain what the return on those cues would be but there really isn't anything left for you to master at this stage.

It's time that you stretch out your wings & go to the next level of puppetry. That's not a complaint; That's about the highest compliment I can give to someone like yourself in the world of puppetry.

I know that writing something like "go to the next level of puppetry" is easy to write & hard to do (not to mention costly depending upon how far you want to go) but if you really want to make a true living off of puppetry instead of just breaking it out to entertain a few friends or people on the Internet, then you should deeply consider it.

Thanks for the skits.

Paul said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Say, I went to high school with an Anonymous... any relation?

But seriously, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave constructive comments. Thanks very much for the compliments, also.

As for your suggestion to move into longer pieces and/or ideas with more characters, I will do some of this in the future. My goal with the short videos here is to produce simple, yet still engaging ideas that are fun to watch.

There are a few reasons for this; Paramount among them is that I work entirely alone in all facets of production and performance. The technical limitations inherent in that manner of working often force me to simplify ideas down to their core. Simple is better, afterall, especially when working on small puppetry ideas such as those featured on this site. I do the best I can to produce work with high production value that is fun to watch.

The short length of these is a conscious choice as I challenge myself to portray a simple idea in the most effective way possible. The short length also fits well with the consumption tastes of many viewers on the internet.

If this passionate sideline of mine were to ever lead to something more, I think that getting involved in the production of commercials or industrials would fit some of the principles I'm striving for here quite well.

Until then, I hope that these small ideas bring some smiles to faces here and around the web.

Thanks again for your thoughtful comments. Please stop by again in the future.

jenji said...

As I know Chet personally, yet we have not exchanged bodily fluids thus far, I must say that he is entirely capable of branching out, but like he says, these shorts are a conscious choice; an effort to challenge himself on an entirely different level.

Stay on your path, you're being entirely faithful to your original intent and concept, while I truly respect your choices and your dedication to them.

It certainly doesn't help that a particular member of your crew, who shall remain Anonymous (no pun), has been unable to fully pitch in due to scholastic duties and an unpredictable physiological cluster(*%&.

viva la Chet!

By the way Anonymous, Chet is entirely sincere in his appreciation for any critique and/or feedback.

Mama didn't raise no liar, even from the confines of her basement.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this (not that this is about me LOL). Thank you!

jenji said...

Gawwd! Sheesh!

It's ALWAYS about you Sue. And when it's not, naturally it's all about me...

...but enough about me and Sue, Chet- what do you think of me and Sue.

is that proper grammar, or did UB screw me in the grammar department?


Paul said...

I think that you and Sue need to settle this on a Twister mat!


jenji said...

been there, done that.

if you only knew...

if the Internet had been alive and kicking back in the day, I'd be a millionaire aleady.

Prodigy would have burst into flames...


Anonymous said...

My little brother wants to meet Chet... Is it possible? :))